Does your current company website no longer match the fresh drive that characterises your SME today?

Do you want to proudly hand out your business card and redirect to your digital front door?

Don't have time to add and maintain your website content?

Websites that rule in performance and ease of use


Temphalla does away with websites that do not perform. We build user-friendly websites that speed up your business. Our experienced web agency likes to take the lead and loves to 'unburden' you, from start to finish.


Specifically? Like true Vikings, we deliver the - technical - battle. We do so purposefully based on Drupal, a secure and open-source website system with a beautiful design that will last for years.  Do you already have texts and photos ready? Then we will add them to your website. No texts and photos yet? No problem either. We will gladly help you write your content, choose beautiful photos or have the perfect photos taken.


After our technical conquests, you can enjoy your own web valhalla carefree. You get a secure, responsive website that simply does what it is supposed to do. Our Vikings will maintain and defend the security of your website. And do you have new content that needs to be added to your website or content that needs to be changed? We'll do it for you!


Your future-proof website comes standard with a CMS to make (textual) changes or create new content yourself at any time (if you want to, of course, because we are happy to do it for you!), Google Analytics to monitor visitor numbers and technical SEO to optimize your website for online search engines. Even for updates, after launch, you can always count 100% on Temphalla. We are behind your digital expansion!


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