Make an alliance with Temphalla

You are an ICT sales point or ICT service company and your customers could use a new website or webshop?

You are an independent salesperson and you are interested in expanding your field to sell websites and webshops?

You are a photographer, a copywriter or a translator and you want to help Temphalla customers conquer digital territory?

Make an alliance with Temphalla!



Temphalla Sales Point!


You are an ICT shop or an ICT service company or you are an independent seller? You sometimes get requests from your customers for a website or webshop or you have customers who could use a website or webshop?  You like helping your customers but have no expertise or time to build a website from A to Z? Then make an alliance with Temphalla and become a Temphalla Sales Point.

You sell a Temphalla website or webshop to your clients and our Vikings will build the website or webshop for your client. We add the texts and photos, we put the website or webshop live and we maintain, monitor and update it. You invoice your customer directly or we invoice for you.




Temphalla Service Point!


You are a Temphalla Sales Point and would like to provide additional support to your clients?  You do have time and expertise to, for example, add content yourself to the Temphalla website or webshop you have sold to your clients? Or to take photos and optimise them for your clients? Or to write texts, refine content, perform content updates?

Make an additional alliance agreement with Temphalla and become a Temphalla Service Point!



Temphalla Clan Member!


You believe in the concept and working methods of Temphalla or you already have a Temphalla website or webshop yourself? Do you know one or more SMEs or self-employed people who could be helped with a new Temphalla website or webshop? You would like to introduce Temphalla to your contacts? 

Then become a member of the Temphalla Clan. You introduce Temphalla and our Temphalla Vikings will follow up on your introductions. If one of your introductions chooses a Temphalla website or webshop, then as a Temphalla Clan Member you will enjoy the prosperity of our Temphalla clan.



Temphalla Content Partner!


Are you a photographer, a copywriter or a translator? Would you like to use your expertise to help Temphalla customers gain digital ground?

We would love to discuss with you how we can make an alliance to be the wind in the sails of the website or webshop of the Temphalla customers.