Our route

Fancy an alliance with web builder Temphalla?

Step into our Viking boat and your SME will reach its digital final destination unscathed!

This is how Temphalla puts your website or webshop on the map






No mission without knowledge. We immerse ourselves in your SME: what are your activities, who is your target group, what must your website or webshop be able to do, what content is within reach, what weapons are you still looking for ...

This is a standard part of our all-round service and requires no pre-investment or start-up costs from you.


"We explore your territory"



Temphalla opens the design doors of its Valhalla. Which design do you prefer? We finalize your favorite template for your website or webshop. Straight to a responsive website or webshop, with a fast loading time, your recognizable corporate identity, without limitations on the number of pages and including SEO optimization for search engines.

We take the lead and make all the necessary preparations. From defining your website navigation to adding your content.


"We prepare your base"





Time to set foot ashore and plant your flag!

Temphalla ticks off the last technical checkboxes and puts the finishing touch on your website. We activate Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and launch your website or webshop.

Once your texts and images are ready, you go live a week later. We fully commit to a quick start, because digital presence is key.


"We launch your digital home"




Your website or webshop is live. No need to worry about looting, because Temphalla strengthens you with backups and security updates. No hourly billing by the way, because your web package includes numerous adjustments.

Extra capacity or content? Call in our manpower!


"We keep taking care of you"