Café Den Engel drinks a glass to a new Temphalla website


Café Den Engel, an iconic café located on Antwerp's Grote Markt in one of Antwerp's oldest preserved buildings with a history dating back to the 14th century, is raising a glass to its new Temphalla website.


About Café Den Engel

Café Den Engel is an iconic café in the centre of Antwerp. The café is located on Antwerp's Grote Markt in one of Antwerp's oldest preserved buildings. The history of the building dates back to the fourteenth century. The café itself was opened around 1903, making it one of the oldest cafés in Antwerp. What is unique about Den Engel is that the café does not have a specific target group, as literally everyone is welcome and feels right at home.


Why did Café Den Engel choose a Temphalla website?

As one of Antwerp's oldest cafés, Café Den Engel was already digitally present on the worldwide internet with a website for quite some time. However, the website urgently needed updating and Café Den Engel partnered with Temphalla to build a new responsive website. Café Den Engel's reasons for choosing Temphalla?

  • Temphalla not only builds new websites, but also transfers the content from old websites to the new website and all this included in Temphalla's total package. Temphalla therefore transferred the content from Café Den Engel's old website to the new website.
  • The total package offered by Temphalla of designing, building, adding and/or transferring content, hosting and maintaining the website. For Café Den Engel, this total package was supplemented by writing new content.
  • Temphalla's total relief. Does content need to be changed on Café Den Engel's website or does content need to be added? Does Cafe Den Engel's price list need to be updated? Café Den Engel passes it on to the Temphalla team and the Temphalla vikings do the necessary to bring Café Den Engel's website up to date.
  • Temphalla's interesting and low price point via a fixed monthly 'all-in' fee.


Visit the Temphalla website of Café Den Engel

You can visit the Temphalla website of Café Den Engel via via this link.





Temphalla & de Lage Landen uit de kastTemphalla & de Lage Landen uit de kast

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Temphalla en Café Den Engel


Temphalla en Café Den Engel



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