Every Temphalla website is a true WAAS website


If you choose a Temphalla website, then you choose a WAAS website. But what does that mean for you? What exactly does the term WAAS stand for?




The term WAAS stands for Website As A Service. It is an ICT term like the terms SAAS and IAAS. SAAS stands for Software As A Service and is the most well-known term of the list. IAAS stands for Infrastructure As A Service.  Both SAAS, IAAS and WAAS focus on 'As A Service'. The software, infrastructure or website are provided as a service, a service in the form of a subscription. You pay nothing when you start using the software, infrastructure or website, but a (usually) fixed monthly amount for an indefinite or a specified period. For that monthly amount, you can then use the software, infrastructure or website. And in exchange for that monthly fee, the software, infrastructure or website is maintained and kept up to date for you.

The big advantage? You don't have to invest large sums of money upfront; keeping your software or infrastructure live, updated, secure, monitored and maintained is done for you by specialists with knowledge and expertise. So you no longer need to be a specialist yourself and you can spend your time on what really matters for your business or job.


Some examples of a SAAS solution

Some well-known examples of a SAAS solution are Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. You don't pay a one-off (large) fee for use, but you pay a fixed monthly fee to use Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace. If there are updates or new features, you can just use them.


Some examples of a IAAS solution

Server cloud solutions such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud are well-known examples of an IAAS solution. You do not buy a physical server that you have in your office, but you use the cloud servers from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Each month, you simply pay for the use of the cloud servers that are 100% maintained and managed for you.


Some examples of a WAAS solution

A Temphalla website is a great example of a WAAS solution.  If you choose a Temphalla website, you pay no start-up costs or advance payment. Nor will you pay any invoice for building your website.

A Temphalla website is a WAAS website.  Your website will be made for you, the content you provide will be added, your photos will be optimised, the SEO of your website will be set correctly, ... And once your website is live, your website will be hosted, professional tools will monitor your website, the security of your website will be monitored, new content will be added for you or existing content will be adapted to your request. And if there are updates to the software, then these are also simply implemented.

And we at Temphalla do all this for you as a service, a Website As A Service, for a fixed monthly fee. No extra or unforeseen invoices if you have a modification implemented, no extra invoices for updates, ... just one fixed amount per month.


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