A Temphalla website for F1-Pitstop about Formula 1


The educational website F1-Pitstop about the fast-paced world of Formula 1 is launched with a clear, responsive and beautiful Temphalla website.


About the website F1-Pitstop

With the website F1-Pitstop, the initiator behind the website, a passionate Formula 1 fan, wants to share all kinds of fun facts and trivia about the world of fast cars with other people interested in Formula 1. F1-Pitstop therefore brings information about the history of Formula 1, the different teams and racers, F1 cars and interesting statistics about Formula 1.


Why did F1-Pitstop choose a Temphalla website?

The choice of F1-Pitstop's initiator for a Temphalla website was very simple. The main reasons were:

  • The total package offered by Temphalla of conceiving, building, adding content, hosting and maintaining the website.
  • Temphalla's total relief. FT-Pitstop is an educational website. The time the initiator can devote to the website is therefore limited. After all, he also likes to watch Formula 1 races. New content and modifications are carried out by the Temphalla team. 
  • Temphalla's interesting and low price point via a fixed monthly 'all-in' fee.


Visit the Temphalla website of FT-Pitstop

You can visit the Temphalla website of F1-Pitstop via this link.





Temphalla & de Lage Landen uit de kastTemphalla & de Lage Landen uit de kast

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Temphalla & F1-Pitstop


Temphalla & F1-Pitstop



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