A Temphalla website supports the operation of the IPLS association


The operation of the IPLS association, the organisation behind the IPLS concept for structuring and managing ICT companies, is supported by a new Temphalla website. 


About the IPLS association

The IPLS association is the organisation behind the IPLS concept. With the IPLS concept, the IPLS association wants to give ICT-companies a unique way to create a highly efficient and professional software development organisation delivering top quality applications and services through implementing and following IPLS.


Why did the IPLS association choose a Temphalla website?

To support its operations, the IPLS association needed a new website. The IPLS association chose a Temphalla website for the following reasons: 

  • The total package offered by Temphalla of designing, building, adding content, hosting and maintaining the website.
  • Temphalla's total relief. The members of the IPLS association are volunteers and also work in the ICT sector in positions of great responsibility. By choosing a Temphalla website the IPLS association is therefore always sure that their website is 100% up to date technologically. Moreover, textual updates and adjustments are carried out by the Temphalla team.


Visit the Temphalla website of the IPLS association

You can visit the Temphalla website of the IPLS association via this link.





Temphalla & de Lage Landen uit de kastTemphalla & de Lage Landen uit de kast

Visit the Temphalla website of
the IPLS association



Temphalla & de IPLS association


Temphalla & de IPLS association



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