Migrating your old website to a modern Temphalla website


Is your website outdated and not compatible with mobile devices?  An outdated website only has disadvantages. Possible new customers are more likely to look at a modern website, and Google is reluctant to recommend outdated websites. 

Is your website in urgent need of technological renewal, but are you still satisfied with the content? And are you dreading the work of migrating all your content to a new website? Or maybe you just don't have the time? 

Don't worry, our team of Temphalla Vikings is ready for you. With their website knowledge and expertise, our Vikings will convert your old website into a new, modern and responsive one.



How do we convert your old website to a modern Temphalla website?

Our team of Temphalla Vikings has dozens of website templates ready to go. These templates are all created based on Drupal, a secure and open source website system. A template determines the layout and structure of a website. Our Vikings will work with you to choose the template that best suits your company or SME. "Oops", we can hear you thinking now, "Dozens of templates to choose from and I already have so little time". No problem, our Vikings are well prepared and will suggest a number of templates that may well suit your business.

Once the template is chosen, our Vikings will start building your new website. The design of the template will be adapted to your house style. The menu structure will be defined and the content will be prepared for your new website. Any new photos are selected and we finetune your content in line with the SEO requirements. If we have all the necessary information to build your website, within a week your new website will be ready to conquer the world!


Will all the content from your old website be seamlessly migrated?

Yes, you should absolutely not worry about this. Nothing will be lost from the content of your old website. Your original texts and photos will be preserved, unless, of course, you want to make adjustments. Of course, you can do that too!


Who performs any content updates after the launch of your new Temphalla website?

Is your website live and an additional page needs to be created on your website? Or does the content of a certain page need to be adjusted? Don't have the time or maybe just don't feel like it?  Our Temphalla Vikings will do it for you! You tell them what needs to be changed and the content of your website will be updated in no time. Would you rather do it yourself? Of course you can. Via an easy-to-use management module, you can modify the content of your website yourself at any time!



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